Perfection, by definition, is unattainable but by its very nature worth pursuing. Throughout Herison’s history since 1959, we have pursued perfection in all our infrastructure projects, our relationships and our conduct across the countless communities in which we live and work. It's something we aspire to on a daily basis. How we reach for this lofty goal is what sets us apart, it's what makes us different. It's our unwavering commitment in our pursuit of construction perfection.

Main artistic and cultural hall of Isfahan city 2023

Ahvaz Sport Complex 2018

Lahijan Wastewater Treatment Plant 2015

Alborz residential and trade complex 2012

Pars Oil Refinery 2001

Iranshahr Power Plant (4x64 MW) 1998

 Kerman Tire & Rubber Industries Complex 1995

Mobarakeh Steel Complex 1981

Isfahan Military airport 1978

Accommodation Buildings for Iraqi Kurdish People in Orumieh 1974

Behbahan wheat silo 1970

Ramhormoz bridge 1969

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